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Bloom Where You Are Planted

“What makes me an authority on any subject? I was defeated by the narratives of my anxiety feeding me false information about my worth. I was nervous about the trajectory of this blog and its content. My brain was circuiting through thoughts such as- “What is your blog even about?”

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NEW YEAR, NEW… shoes?

“Despite it all, my solace lies in knowing that there are lessons of learning in those tough seasons. Now instead of mourning those painful times, I choose to look at them as an opportunity; an opportunity for eudaimonia. I know that good things come from hard things. I understand the notion that to appreciate pleasure, we must experience pain. I understand that not every season is that of harvesting.”

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Christmas Meets Whole Foods Fail Meets Delicious Dinner

“There is something so magical about the holidays that just fills me up inside. Maybe it is the cool brisk breeze, oversized scarves, fluffy socks, Bing Crosby’s Christmas Pandora station, all of the beautiful lights, or maybe it is just the excuse to be cozied up on the couch with your loved one and furchild watching Home Alone while rocking your winter coat attributing it to the fact “Oh, it’s the holidays, I can eat these cookies and milk.””

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Coffee Before Talkie

“Dad would be working in his garage, he would leave his cup of jo sitting on the wooden bench directly outside of the garage, and like clock work my sneaky little self would run over and get my coffee fix. Once my dad finally caught on, he promised when I was old enough he would give me my own. Until then, I would be sly like a fox and as cool as a cucumber in efforts to maintain my coffee hustle. Eventually I got smart and offered to make his coffee. Tisk tisk, Delanie Michelle.”

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“This goes without saying, but I really don’t believe in weight scales, and for people like me with chronic anxiety I think that this an utter blessing. I believe that true success and happiness rests in the little victories, which to me means that if I can fit in to a cute top or a pair of jeans I previously had not been able to, then I am perfectly fine, on the right track, and winning. I have learned to give myself the merit I deserve, but also to hold myself accountable for the areas that I can control. That happy-medium is gold.”

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la cuisine

“Eudaimonia derives namely from Aristotelian Greek philosophy. It means the state of indwelling good human spirit; human flourishing; well-being. Like Aristotle, I believe that our souls are defined by its relationship to organic, intrinsic structures. Aristotle believed that eudaimonia was in essence the question of “What are the best activities in which man is capable of?””

Click the photo above to learn about eudaimonia and myself in my first blog post.