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img_5478I came back from Thanksgiving break with a NutriBullet and a new ‘tude, thanks to my boyfriend’s sweet ‘n sassy grandma, Nancy. To say “Stella’s got her groove back” would be an understatement. Now, I just need to learn to emulate some of Kobe’s #mamba mentality in the 4th quarter.

From my last blog post you can see that I started drinking a metabolism booster consisting of hot water, raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar, raw organic honey, and some lemon. 8 oz of this horrible concoction every morning has literally curbed every gnawing craving for ‘it’s-its‘ and refined sugars/carbs. It really messes with my ego having to say that I have been on a “health kick” or on a “diet” when in actuality before this anxiety and depression thing sunk in, I had been on an alleged health kick for about the past eight years… aka I stopped drinking soda in the 10th grade and thought I had it all figured out.

For me,  the rule of thumb for this NutriBullet shake thing means I replace one of three meals a day with a shake. It typically consists of half power greens and half fruit… I generally always choose banana plus swiss chard (mostly because unlike raw kale, chard does not taste like bitter dirt) then I decide on whether I want a protein rich shake with hemp, real peanut butter, almond milk, and antioxidant rich berries… I call this my PB& J shake. I usually opt with this one because let’s face it- anything with peanut butter is okay in my book. OR I convince myself that coconut water, celery, pears, citrus, herbs, chia seeds, and cayenne is a delicious combo and forego with that. Often, I mix and match whatever veggies and fruits depending on what I have in my fridge or depending on what is available to me.

Honestly,  I would recommend a NutriBullet to anyone- large, small, or anywhere in between… for a smaller girl with a ginormous appetite, these shakes do not leave me hangry. Maybe a tad in the beginning, but not by much. The first few days were cake, but by day four? I pretty much struck out, Reggie Jackson style. Meaning I cannot truly tell based on my first week, being that I was still eating burritos the size of my forearm for lunch and snacking on cold pasta after dinner, but as for now three weeks in to my NutriBullet shake diet I finally fit in to a button up shirt that thankfully my bust does not bust open at anymore.  Along with a pair of jeans that were previously way too tight thus extenuating a “muffin-top” that I never came to terms with; they finally sit just right on my hips again.

This goes without saying, but I really don’t believe in weight scales, and for people like me with chronic anxiety I think that this an utter blessing. I believe that true success and happiness rests in the little victories, which to me means that if I can fit in to a cute top or a pair of jeans I previously had not been able to, then I am perfectly fine, on the right track, and winning. I have learned to give myself the merit I deserve, but also to hold myself accountable for the areas that I can control. That happy-medium is gold. May you, my friend, be blessed in your journey of finding such.

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