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la cuisine


Today, I am kicking off my morning and my first blog post in my kitchen… pretending that this horrible metabolism-boosting concoction that I am currently sipping on is actually not too shabby. I just keep telling myself, gotta fake it ’til ya make it, sister! 

I decided that starting a blog in the kitchen is only fitting for myself and eudamonia. The kitchen of any home is my most favorite room to be in. It provides me a sense of comfort knowing that food and familial memories typically concentrate in to this room. Such a love for this place where  holiday desserts, family meals, and snacks are conceived is deeply rooted in my being. I mostly believe it comes from growing up in a hectic family full of hungry people, constantly hovering Mom in the kitchen, ardent to eat. With the five of us crazies, there was no such thing as pissing and moaning over food. You ate what was served or you didn’t at all, which meant there was never room to dislike or have any qualms over any sort of food. And as a result- food is my jam. Eating. Drinking. Cooking. Baking. Snacking. Hit recipes. Failed recipes. Recipes where you suddenly believe you’re the next FoodNetwork celeb chef. It all happens, right here.

There are so many pros to my deep love of food, but also there are some sneaky little cons that like to show up unexpectedly in certain places on your body that you did not even know existed, and make it impossible for bikini season (which in California is like eleven months out of the year).

Growing up in a broken home, meant mom worked around the clock and dad was not really the best cook. I do have to admit Dad did have a really killer “Speed Beef Stew” as he would call it, (venison which he would annually hunt in Pennsylavania). Inevitably, short cuts in the kitchen did not always make for the healthiest meals. And, hey, let’s face it mom and dad are babyboomers. Baby boomers are notorious for short cuts and canned food recipes. But, I am not complaining because never was my little belly starving. Needless to say as I grew in to a teenager healthy foods and exercise were things I naturally gravitated toward because such things were mostly foreign to me. I was intrigued. 

Running. 5ks. Half Marathons. Yoga. Hiking. Juice cleanses. Raw foods. Organic foods. Power foods. Whole ingredients. Nutrient dense foods. Sustainable, ethically sourced, local foods.

All of those things mean so much to me, and teaching my loved ones about these things also means a great deal to me. But, what I am ticked off about is why no one told me “Surprise, Delanie! It’s not just what you eat, but it is how much, girlfriend, and that appetite of yours is catchin’ on up to ya!”  Shoot. Maybe that is what Ms. Davis meant in Nutrition by “too much of a good thing is not a good thing”.

Eudaimonia derives namely from Aristotelian Greek philosophy. It means the state of indwelling good human spirit; human flourishing; well-being. Like Aristotle, I believe that our souls are defined by its relationship to organic, intrinsic structures. Aristotle believed that eudaimonia was in essence the question of “What are the best activities in which man is capable of?” Now, I am no philosopher, but I do think deeply and love to share what is on my heart, as long as it is for the well-being of others and humanity. I have loved writing as long as I could remember. There are not too many things I would say I rock at, but being able to emulate moments through words has always been one of them. I decided blogging would be a great medium to translate my thoughts on the world wide web, with the hope that even just one person can relate, learn, or just find what I have to say interesting. This blog may cover a multitude of topics that I love including health, cooking, weight loss, mental health, my battles with anxiety and depression, diy ideas, pinterest attempts, home and gardening, personal thoughts, scripture, my cat named Mosley, relationships, et cetera et cetera. I hope you enjoy the future of my blog, as I am so glad so share it with you.

6 thoughts on “la cuisine

  1. I think your blog site is lovely and humorous. I hope that many people, young and old, male and female, will find the comfort of a warm kitchen in your blog <3.


  2. You have much to share , from food to health to just living life. You have a special talent putting words to paper. Can’t wait to see your blog grow and the people you will touch . ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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